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Many times small businesses and individuals can't enjoy some of the corporate benefits of larger companies.  That is because there are discounts with more volume.  The larger your company, the more other companies want to do business with you and are willing to discount themselves in order to gain a share of your marketplace.


Now with Friends and Benefits, you are larger! By joining this community, you become part of a much bigger picture.  We actively seek products and services that our members can benefit from and barter with these companies to bring you discounted services.  Now we can all benefit.

In addition, we offer our members, free advertising and exposure to companies within the communtiy and nationwide. 

 One way is by being connected to over 40,000 businesses within our network. 


Locally we offer a special, fun and exciting way to network and gain exposure through an "Amazing Race."  It is an event that we plan and set up for any of our members and their families, co-workers, and employees.  It is one of the ways that we help you to enjoy your community, make new friends and gain greater exposure.


When you join us, we will tell you about all of our "special member benefits" and how we can benefit you.




Friends and Benefits
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